Catherine C. Bastedo

Bird Vibes
Meditation Cards

Spiritual insight through birds.
This beautiful deck is now available.

A bit about the author

Catherine C. Bastedo is a Reiki master who has always been fascinated by birds. Over the last fifteen years, Catherine has taught Reiki, including an intensive master program, led workshops and retreats, volunteered as a wellness coach for cancer survivors, and sat on the board of a nonprofit organization devoted to women’s health. She practices yoga and meditation and writes online articles related to complementary health. Prior to this, Catherine enjoyed a fulfilling career with the Canadian government after having completed a master’s degree in Canadian Studies. She was then appointed executive director of an international nonprofit organization that promotes and supports Canadian studies.

Featured Testimonial

Susun Weed
    Susun Weed

    Author of the Wise Woman Herbal Series, founder of the Wise Woman Center, editor-in-chief of Ash Tree Publishing

    Open the door, push up the window, step through the portal into insights to help guide your soul and heart into abundance and love. Catherine Bastedo does it again...Splendidly.

    This beautifully illustrated and versatile fifty-four-card deck and full-color booklet showcase a great variety of birds found in various parts of North America and explore how they relate to the eight principal chakras on the body. The cards may be used for meditation, for learning about birds, and for seeking spiritual guidance.