Chakra Overview

The word chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel,” which refers to the energy centres connected to your body and consciousness. They are seen as energy vortexes, generally spinning clockwise. These whirling vortexes of energy resemble funnels that gradually grow wider the farther they get from the body. Different traditions and cultures use a varying number of chakras, and sometimes they are divided into major and minor chakras. With a system of eight chakras, they are the root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye, crown chakra, and soul star. The root chakra is at the base of the spine in the lower pelvic area; the sacral chakra is one inch below the navel between the hip bones; the solar plexus is just above the navel and below the lungs; and the heart chakra is in the centre of the chest at the level of your heart. The throat chakra, as the name indicates, is found in your throat area; your third eye, sometimes called the brow chakra, is in the middle of your forehead; and the crown chakra is just above and close to your head. Finally, the soul star floats above the crown. The location of the eight chakras is shown on this diagram.(picture to be sent separately)

 Each chakra appears to radiate from its centre: the root downward, the soul star and crown chakra upward, and the others outward. The heart chakra, the hub of the entire energy system, takes in information from the three chakras below it, the three next above it, and sometimes the soul star. The heart may send messages to all chakras. Each chakra is generally considered to resonate with a particular frequency and be tied to a certain colour and sound. The colours vary somewhat according to the source and tradition. Generally, the chakras proceed in rainbow order: the root chakra is red; the sacral chakra, orange; and the solar plexus, yellow. The heart chakra is green; the throat chakra, medium blue; the third eye, indigo; and the crown chakra, violet. Finally, the colour associated with the soul star is usually white or pearl. 

The chakras exchange energy with the universal energy field around us. Ideally, all your chakras are balanced and open, and this is generally the case when things are going well—when you are healthy and filled with inner peace. However, there are many reasons why the functions of one or more chakras may be out of balance: physical issues, mental stress, psychological hurts, emotional issues, or lack of a connection with what is often known as Source energy.(also known as the Divine, Spirit, Higher Intelligence, Supreme Consciousness, your soul, or other words along these lines)..

Your chakras are affected both by what is happening to you directly and by what is going on nearby in your circles and networks, as well as in your country and the world at large: birth and death, peace or war, harmony or political upheaval, and so on. The strain and tension inflicted on your mental and emotional health may create stress in your physical body. The toxins may cause your chakras, individually or collectively, to become partially or even completely blocked. It is important for your well-being to open your chakras, attempt to balance them, and let energy flow through your body on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes. If your chakras are already well balanced and clear, then it is important to maintain this state. Many practices can help with this, whether it be using a deck like Bird Vibes to help you with focus, Reiki, meditation, yoga, deep breathing, birdwatching, forest bathing, walks in nature, or other ways of reducing stress and energizing your body. You might try reading a book, playing an instrument, or any other creative activity that brings you peace and joy

The chakras connect to various attributes on the mental and emotional level. See this detailed in the Chakra Chart.(to be sent separately) As an example, your root chakra connects to your sense of community, your connections to family, colleagues, and networks. It reflects your sense of physical security, ability to survive, and sense of being grounded and connected to this earth. Another example is the heart chakra, which reflects the state of your open heart, your gender balance, and your ability to forgive and accept others without judgement. Understanding the chakras helps you to understand the relationship between your body and your consciousness, connecting you to the awareness or spirit that is your inner wisdom, sometimes known as your higher self.

  A Reiki session allows me to connect with Source energy and help you to balance your chakras, release tension, reduce or remove energy blockages and create a flow of energy through your body.