Bird Vibes

Spiritual Insight Through Birds

Bird Vibes Meditation Cards

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This beautifully illustrated and versatile fifty-four-card deck and full-color booklet showcase a great variety of birds found in various parts of North America and explore how they relate to the eight principal chakras on the body. The cards may be used for meditation, for learning about birds, and for seeking spiritual guidance.

Have you ever celebrated the newest hatchling of a mated pair of Red-tailed Hawks, listened to the crooning of a Common Loon on a misty morning, or experienced the magic of a Snowy Owl’s four-foot wingspan as it flies above your head? If you haven’t already started to notice the kinds of birds around you, you will once you start using this deck.

Bird Vibes Meditation Cards is an inspired deck and booklet of fifty-four cards based on birds that may be seen in the cities, countryside, and forests of North America. Fifty birds are grouped by eight chakras according to the bird’s coloring, habitat, or other characteristics, with an additional card for each season. Designed to be a simple addition to your daily practice, the short but poetic descriptions and bird facts in Bird Vibes will help you seek meaning through the messages of birds, connect you to the energy around and within you, and shed light on your spiritual path. Whether you’re interested in learning about birds, chakras, or meditation, these cards encourage a love for nature and instill gratitude for our feathered friends.

About the Author

Catherine C. Bastedo is a Reiki master who has always been fascinated by birds. Over the last fifteen years, Catherine has taught Reiki, including an intensive master program, led workshops and retreats, volunteered as a wellness coach for cancer survivors, and sat on the board of a nonprofit organization devoted to women’s health. She practices yoga and meditation and writes online articles related to complementary health. Prior to this, Catherine enjoyed a fulfilling career with the Canadian government after having completed a master’s degree in Canadian Studies. She was then appointed executive director of an international nonprofit organization that promotes and supports Canadian studies.


Julie Desmarais 
    Julie Desmarais 

    Visionary Spiritual Guide & Healing Facilitator Holographic-Usui & Reiki Master Teacher

    Bird Vibes Meditation Cards will certainly be a staple in my private practice, healing circles and Reiki Classes.  I have been using the earlier version and am excited as now there is a beautiful book to accompany the deck! My clients always love so and appreciate the clear and concise messages that speak directly to the heart of the matter, while connecting us to the natural world.  I am delighted that Catherine has now birthed her new creation, with the very interesting bird facts, thoughts on chakras and meditation, great ideas on how to use the deck, and most of all, her insightful wisdom. Her wonderful vibrations will continue to fly around the world!

    Devinder Kaur
      Devinder Kaur

      Owner & Director of PranaShanti Yoga Centre and PranaShanti Education Centre

      Catherine's Bird Vibes Meditation Cards unveil the intricate tapestry of the chakras, delving into their mental and emotional significance in easy to follow yet profound terms. Each uniquely designed card offers an enlightening experience through spiritual messages, while embracing meditation with expert-suggested techniques. All levels of practitioners will gain new insights and unlock spiritual wisdom. Adorned with breathtaking artwork by Heather Bale, these spiritually enriching cards seamlessly blend wisdom and aesthetics, inviting you to explore the realms of the mind and soul. I can't wait to share the cards with my students and community. What an elevating experience for all!