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Catherine’s Reiki Path

Catherine’s Reiki Path

Reiki is not just a class or a session—it is a way of life.

When I first took Reiki, I hoped to reduce my stress, sleep better, and assist my children when they needed comfort or physical healing.  Reiki helped with all of this, and I took the level II class of traditional Reiki soon after, to deepen my skills.  It was a few years later when it struck me that I should learn more—perhaps on a slightly different path.  I discovered the excitement of Usui-Holographic Reiki.  I still had no intention to teach and was leading a very busy life at work and at home.

Many courses and life events later, I am a Reiki Master accredited by both the Canadian Reiki Association and the International Centre for Reiki Training.  I’ve studied Usui-Holographic Reiki, Jikiden Reiki, Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki, Karuna Reiki®, and Holy Fire® III. Over the last fifteen years, I have taught Reiki, including an intensive master program, taught Healing your Chakras online, led workshops and retreats, volunteered as a wellness coach for cancer survivors, and sat on the board of a nonprofit organization devoted to women’s health. 

Currently I teach both Usui-Holographic and Holy Fire® III Karuna and Karuna Reiki ®, give Reiki sessions, hold retreats, and mentor Reiki practitioners. I practice yoga and meditation, write and travel. I am happy that my Bird Vibes Meditation Cards, with the accompanying book, will be published by Beyond Words Publishing at the end of 2023. The cards have become an integral part of my classes. 

Reiki helps us understand our true contract and how to extend our light. I wish for you whatever is in your highest interest. If I can be of help, please reach out.